C-Brace® Indications and Contraindications

Indications for the C-Brace®:

In principle, the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system can be considered for all neurological indications of the lower limbs. The leading indications are incomplete paraplegia (lesion between L1 and L5) with very minor or no spasticity as well as post-polio syndrome, the condition following poliomyelitis.

Noting the following is important here:

  • The patient must be able to fully stabilise the torso and to stand freely
  • The muscle strength of the hip extensors and flexors must permit the controlled swing-through of the affected leg
  • Compensation through hip movement must be possible

Contraindications for the C-Brace®:

  • A flexion contraction of more than 10° in the knee and/or hip joint
  • Genu varus more than 0° or valgus more than 10°
  • Ankle arthrodesis: passive range of motion less than 2°
  • Hip extensor and hip flexor degree 0-3
    (compensating movement may be used alternatively.)
  • Body weight > 125 kg

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