“The C-Brace® has changed my life.”

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C-Brace®. Rediscover mobility.

Custom paralysis orthoses for the lower limbs: this is the area in neuroorthopeadics where Ottobock places special emphasis.  Pneumatic and hydraulic systems, such as those employed in prosthetics, have been lacking in this field of application – until now.

Whether it was locked, free moving and posterior-positioned, or stance phase-controlled (SCO) systems – the standard functions of orthosis systems in the past have been limited exclusively to locking and releasing the knee joint.

With the newly developed C-Brace®, Ottobock is now offering a groundbreaking and innovative system that goes a step further.

The unique functions of the SSCO® system (Stance and Swing phase Control Orthosis) allow both the swing phase and the stance phase to be controlled for the first time. This means the user has control throughout the entire gait cycle. Physiological control. In real time. And the possibility to rediscover mobility.

That is the C-Brace® from Ottobock.

Rediscover mobility.

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