C-Brace® –
Benefits and Features

Thigh shell


The custom thigh shell is made of carbon fibre-reinforced prepreg and guarantees maximum stability with minimum weight.

C-Brace® joint unit
with integrated Li-Ion battery and microprocessor.

The microprocessor receives and processes sensor signals
and controls walking with the C-Brace® in real time.


Control buttons

The integrated control buttons are used to select the desired mode.

Knee angle sensor

The knee angle sensor in the joint axis measures
the current position of the joint every 0.02 seconds.

Lower leg shell

Lower leg shell made of fibre-reinforced prepreg,
with clamp adapter for the spring element.

Spring element

Carbon or fibreglass spring with integrated ankle moment sensor.

Foot component


Foot component made of fibre-reinforced prepreg,
with clamp adapter for the spring element.


C-Brace® – at a glance

  • One-of-a-kind SSCO® system
  • Microprocessor-controlled stance and swing phase
  • The entire gait cycle can be controlled dynamically and in real time
  • System responds instantly to any situation
  • Flexion under load, such as while sitting down, is possible
  • Walking down stairs step-over-step is possible
  • Walking on slopes and uneven surfaces becomes much easier and safer
  • The C-Brace® enables a variety of activities such as cycling and inline skating
  • Individual operating modes can be set by the technician and selected by the user, depending on the situation
  • A natural body posture can help reduce excessive one-sided physical strain and subsequent problems
  • The C-Brace® permits reduced effort when compared, for example, to locked systems
  • Newfound mobility and a greater feeling of safety for significantly enhanced quality of life

App C-Brace® Augmented Reality

An interactive journey of discovery through the fascinating world of orthopaedics technology.

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Product images of the C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system for use with augmented reality:

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